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Commanderie de BORDEAUX, Singapore

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The Commanderie attracts a diverse membership of wine lovers in Singapore of all backgrounds. Many of our members have been enthusiastic advocates of Bordeaux wines for numerous years. Prospective members typically share a love for Bordeaux wines before they pursue membership, which is by invitation only and after being sponsored and co-sponsored by at least two members. The Commanderie is an open and inclusive society, the love of Bordeaux wines is the main criteria for admission.

The Singapore Commanderie has 80 members. Global membership approximates 2,600 members in 95 Commanderies located throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America.

The Singapore Commanderie also has a its own wine cellar with ca 1800 bottles, created over time by the membership through annual wine assessments, cellar initiation fees from new members and member donations. Most of the annual wine purchases is typically invested in younger wines for the enjoyment of future dates, while we are currently able to enjoy wines that members have bought in earlier years. This is a key differentiator to normal restaurant consumption, where for economic reasons, mostly young (often too young) vintages are being offered.

Next to the local leadership there is also regional leadership in Asia, headed by the Grand Maître Territorial who assures connectivity and mutual invitations across Asia. The members or "Commandeurs" get together periodically for luncheons and dinners in order to enjoy, discuss and learn more about the wines of the various Bordeaux appellations and their different vintages.

Significant time is also devoted to helping our members learn more about Bordeaux wines through seminars, wine tastings, winemaker visits, and other educational forums, all to increase members’ knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of Bordeaux wines. Through their passion for Bordeaux wines, Commandeures essentially become emissaries for the Bordeaux winemakers and to their localities; again to broaden the appreciation of the wines of Bordeaux.

If you want to learn more about us please do not hesitate to contact our President and attend one of our events You will quickly see that your wine enjoyment and knowledge will undoubtedly increase when you share your passion with fellow Commanders. To become a member you should attend at least three events, which will allow you to get to know the Commanderie better.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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