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Bordeaux – a Holiday Destination

Bordeaux and Burgundy: the very words have a rich and well-rounded ring to them. Partly, it’s those initial bulbous Bs. Mainly, though, it’s that for centuries they have lent a civilised, even spiritual, texture to fleshly pleasures. Lots of places furnish good wine and food. No others do so in the presence of quite so [...]

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Food Pairings for Bordeaux

Paring Bordeaux wine and food is as easy as it is fun. Start with this simple, but important tip. Get a Bordeaux wine you like, prepare something you enjoy eating, or pick a restaurant you’re fond of, and most importantly, find a good friend or lover to share the wine, meal and night with. In [...]

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Bordeaux Wine Production

This page offers facts and figures for the production of Bordeaux wine in all the major Bordeaux appellations in Left Bank and the Right Bank. This page also lets you discover the breakdown and percentage of grape varieties and their percentage planted throughout the entire Bordeaux appellation along with a look at the size of [...]

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